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Small Town Street Art

Visited a small town SW of Boise called Melba today. The gas station sells bean and cheese tacos that are edible. Just don’t squeeze too hard or the cheese stuff will melt out. Anyway, some murals on a few buildings on the main street, across from the museum, which by the way, is a must visit place.

Desperate for Something to Photograph

Found this field near Star, Idaho.




Somebody Likes Birds

Discovered this blue bird painted on the side of a building in downtown Boise, ID today.  Not sure if you would call this a Mural, Street Photography or Graffiti.

I liked it anyway.

Art Trains

I like what I call Graffiti Art, which others call Wall Art, Urban Art, Street Art or a number of other similar names. It is not true graffiti such as what gangs do, but actually more art-like for the lack of better words. I also like trains. So, today in Boise off of Five Mile Road I pulled over to take some photographs of four train cars that have been parked along side the train tracks for months, at least. Naturally, there was some graffiti art on them. Not the best that I have seen, but combined with the various parts and signs of the trains themselves, I think they make good images.



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